Alt-J - This Is All Yours

Song Of the Week: Nara | Alt-J

"I’ve discovered a man like no other man
I’ve found a love to love like no other can”

Kaleidoscope Eyes
Panic! At The Disco - Vices & Virtues

Song Of The Week: Kaleidoscope Eyes | Panic! At The Disco

"In the sickness of you
I’m just a white blood cell
Fighting like hell for you”

Stay With Me
Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour

Song Of The Week: Stay With Me | Sam Smith

"But you can lay with my so it doesn’t hurt"

Objects in Space
La Dispute - The Rooms of the House

Song Of The Week: Objects In Space | La Dispute

Everything itself
And then memory”

Soft Skeletons
Anberlin - New Surrender

Song Of The Week: Soft Skeletons | Anberlin

"When the light stars to burn and the pain returns
I just wish that I could heal the hurt you feel tonight”

One Pack Of Smokes From Broke
The Maine - Pioneer

Song Of The Week: One Pack Of Smokes From Broke | The Maine

"Strength will find you
sooner than ever you thought it would”

Matt Healy

Song Of The Week: 102 | Matt Healy (The 1975)

"I like the way that your face looks
when I’m arguing with you”

The Neighourhood

Song Of The Week: $ting | The Neighbourhood

"I tried to be someone
I lied to be someone else
for you”

Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You Tomorrow

Song Of The Week: Luna | Bombay Bicycle Club

"Now the sun goes soft and red
You burn through my mind again and again”

Million Dollar Bills
Lorde - The Love Club

Song Of The Week: Million Dollar Bills | Lorde

"There’s nothing that’s hurt
like letting you go”

Passenger - All The Little Lights

Song Of The Week: Holes | Passenger

"Where we’ve got holes,
We’ve got holes but we carry on”

Stray Away
The Colourist - The Colourist

Song Of The Week: Stray Away | The Colourist

"I fear this won’t last and I’ll be alone again"

The Maine - Forever Halloween (Deluxe)

Song Of The Week: Vanilla | The Maine

"I’m a mixture of water and bone
Not a clone or a stepping stone”

Song Of The Week: Calm Forever | Native People

" Drifting around
While the sun beats down”

Oregon Bike Trails - High School Lover

Song Of The Week: Cayucos | Oregon Bike Trails/Cayucas

"It’s that something, so familiar
Strange, but not so

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